Reminder: IHBC’s HESPR network of conservation practices offers free help with heritage queries, as HESPR’s ‘15 minutes free advice’ is launched formally

The HESPR ‘15 minutes free advice’ service offers 15 minutes of free expert advice and guidance from conservation practices recognised through the IHBC’s HESPR register of commercial conservation practices.

IHBC Chair, David McDonald welcomed the new public service saying: ‘I am very pleased to endorse this new and valuable service from the IHBC.  It will allow anyone to get free advice from our IHBC-quality assured HESPR practices, without obligation.  A fifteen minute consultation may not provide the answers, but it will should point the enquirer in the right direction.’

…IHBC’s Caring for Your Home, the guidance site that offers homeowners essential and basic advice…

‘The scheme will be promoted to the public initially through the IHBC’s Caring for Your Home, the guidance site that offers homeowners essential and basic advice on how to look after their home.’

…we will broadcast the service with all the enthusiasm we can muster…

‘From there, everyone is encouraged to take their query to HESPR companies, to get basic initial information and guidance.  The HESPR member may answer the query completely, or point them towards better sources of information, including more relevant HESPR network members. When a question is too complex or detailed for this free service, the adviser will guide on where professional advice should help.’

‘Those looking for expert advice will now be able to contact HESPR companies direct and mention ‘the HESPR free 15 minutes advice offer’.

‘To find help through this scheme they can search the HESPR entries and go from there direct to the HESPR company using the contact details listed.’

‘The HESPR company may not always be able to offer help or advice in which case IHBC Enterprises, a strategic member of HESPR, is available to direct enquirers to sources, solutions and advice, underpinning this free HESPR service.’

IHBC Director Sean O’Reilly added: ‘This new service has been conceived by the IHBC as part of its chartable operations, to help people get the best access to the best advice for their conservation needs.’

‘When this is bedded down, we will broadcast the service with all the enthusiasm we can muster, and that’s quite lot as our evolving IHBC@COP26 ‘Conservation Helpdesk+’ programme can testify.’

‘So if you are – or employ – a Full Member of the IHBC, and have been mooting joining HESPR to help move your career or business on from the pandemic, this is definitely the time to make your application.’

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