UPDATE: IHBC looks to the future with new ‘Affiliate’ arrangements offering improved support for all: ONLY the name changes – to ‘Supporter’ – for those seeking status quo

The IHBC Board’s call to upgrade the Affiliate category – and recognise those with an ‘awareness’ of conservation – means that from April 2022 anyone not securing or applying for assessment as an Affiliate will join a new ‘Supporter’ category, but see no other change to their status, benefits, fees or opportunities to learn from and contribute to the IHBC.

… concerns about the diverse and often blurred status of our Affiliates…

IHBC Chair David McDonald said: ‘Trustees have long maintained concerns about the diverse and often blurred status of our Affiliates.  We have now introduced a light-touch opportunity for Affiliates to demonstrate formally their ‘awareness’ of conservation and the Competences and Areas of Competence that underpin those practice standards agreed in our Corporate Plan.’

… opportunity for Affiliates to demonstrate formally their ‘awareness’ of conservation…

‘The new arrangements offer accessible, credible support in particular for early career and student members, so it is right that it should be a challenge for those applicants.’

‘For long-standing practitioners who want to remain as Affiliates, the forms can be easily and quickly filled with a little thought on our standards and processes, and some selective and sensible adaptation from your own CV and practice work.  If that seems too much trouble, then you may be reading more into this process than you should, as this is decidedly NOT about accreditation, but about confirming a base-line awareness of how conservation works.’

‘That said, this new arrangement is a useful step in the direction of accreditation, as well as encouragement for anyone interested.  While from next April, being an ‘Affiliate’ will actually mean something, and for those not seeking that recognition, nothing changes but the name!’

‘I appreciate that for some long-term Affiliates this may seem an unexpected change to their membership status, but we believe it to be a necessary adjustment to maintain the IHBC’s professional reputation. Should you have any concerns about this, do not hesitate to contact me direct at chair@ihbc.org.uk.

IHBC Director Sean O’Reilly said: ’The IHBC has now set in place the new Affiliate application process, with some half of our most long-term Affiliates already circulated with personal notices, and applications are already rolling in!’

… if you have not been contacted …. please do feel free to get your assessment under way now…

‘However if you have not been contacted personally as an Affiliate, to speed up the process, please do feel free to get your assessment under way now!

… NOT accreditation…

‘Remember this is emphatically NOT accreditation, just a check that an IHBC Affiliate understands what conservation is, and what the IHBC is about, reflecting the most fundamental duty of a professional body to its membership and their clients and employers.’

‘If you need to find out more, simply email us at support@ihbc.org.uk and we’ll see how best to help.’

See more background to IHBC membership categories and links to relevant registration and application forms and processes HERE

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