IHBC trustee nominations close with AGM booking & proxy voting now open: 6PM, 24 February, after Council; AGM papers to come

IHBC Chair and President have already notified members of the ‘virtual’ 2022 AGM on 24 February 2022 at 6.00pm, after the next Council, and as nominations have closed – with all nominees going to the AGM for appointment – proxy voting and AGM booking are now open, with AGM Papers to come.

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IHBC President Mike Brown said: ‘As the nominations for trustee posts have now closed and trustee posts are available for all nominees, there will be no competitive elections in advance of their appointment at the AGM on 24 February.’

‘I’m delighted to thank those who have volunteered for these substantial public service roles as trustees and directors of the IHBC and look forward to working together as we move forward with the IHBC’s modernisation.’

… appointing a proxy can be the simplest of processes, with our digital ‘Short Proxy’ option…

… you can cancel …. any time before the meeting…

IHBC Chair David McDonald said: ‘I’d encourage all those members eligible to vote under the new Articles – our Full Members, Associates and Retired members – to arrange your vote by proxy in advance of the meeting, and make sure your voice is heard.  Remember too, that if you change your mind, you can cancel the proxy any time before the meeting with a simple email to our office at admin@ihbc.org.uk.’

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘Proxies – as early voting – help us all manage the democratic processes much more efficiently, and more cost-effectively, so we are especially grateful to all who make these arrangements.’

‘Moreover appointing a proxy can be the simplest of processes, with our digital ‘Short Proxy’ option, and with more details on our AGM webpage.  So please make sure you vote, and help the IHBC move past the pandemic.’


The following members have been nominated and elected in accordance with the Articles of Association and are going forward for appointment:

Trustees, Directors and Officers

  • David McDonald (Chair)
  • Lone Le Vay (Vice Chair)
  • Jill Kerry (Treasurer)
  • Jo Evans (IHBC Secretary)

Trustees and Directors

  • Des Cairns (Northern Ireland branch)
  • Dave Chetwyn
  • John Edwards (Wales branch)
  • Crispin Edwards
  • Anna Grant (Scotland branch)
  • Andrew Shepherd
  • Sheila Stones

In December 2021 the IHBC Chair and President together wrote to IHBC members (all categories) as follows:

We are writing to you to notify you of the current arrangements for our 2022 AGM, to take place online, ‘virtually’, on 24 February 2022 at 6.00pm.  In line with our new Articles, business will include:

  1. The consideration of the accounts, balance sheets, reports of the Board (including the annual report) and auditors;
  2. The retirement, appointment or re-appointment of Directors, our Trustees
  3. The appointment of the auditors, and
  4. Elections to the new Board, the first constituted under our new Articles…

The details of 2022 AGM will be notified in forthcoming AGM Papers, to be issued in January, and will include the ‘Trustees report’ for 2019-20 – as the next report due for members – while also updating on current operations.  We anticipate lots of discussion and questions on our plans after the formalities of the AGM so please do join in if at all possible!…

Remember too that while all IHBC members of all categories are as ever encouraged to attend the AGM – with IHBC CPD certificates on offer too, to reflect the status of the business – only Full, Associates and Retired members may vote.  Voting by proxy will be available to qualifying members who cannot attend, or who want to vote in advance.

So please be sure to extend your engagement with the modern IHBC and, through the trustee guidance linked above, current plans for our new Board.  And, if you can, please join us from 6pm on 24 February 2022, and earlier for our virtual Council if at all possible.

Select your proxy vote (recommended) and book your place for the AGM (from 6PM) and preceding Council on 24 February HERE

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