IHBC responds to Landscapes Review on National Parks and AONBs: Government Response (DEFRA)

The IHBC has responded to the Government Response (DEFRA) to the Glover Landscapes Review on National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), noting that in practice AONBs are not treated in the same manner as National Parks or Conservation Areas.

IHBC writes:

The proposal to include AONBs as a statutory consultee is appropriate only provided it is ensured that that statutory process is occurring as appropriate. This will need to be addressed if a change is to have benefit. Likewise stronger enforcement will mean nothing if it is not implemented by the local authorities covering the AONB.

See the IHBC Response

The Consultations Panel
The IHBC constantly monitors Government Departments and other national and regional organisations for relevant proposed changes to legislation, policy and guidance. The Consultations Panel formulates responses to these documents on behalf of the IHBC.

The IHBC may not necessarily comment on all these consultations, but we are glad to hear opinions on them from both members and non-members.

For current relevant consultations that the IHBC is aware of and for past consultation responses see IHBC Consultations

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