Good news for Good Friday 5: IHBC welcomes World Heritage Day, April 18, in #IHBC25, our 25th anniversary year

IHBC welcomes the next ICOMOS International Day for Monuments and Sites, on April 18, and in this #IHBC25 anniversary year themed on Heritage and Climate.

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… explore the theme: Heritage and Climate through open, constructive and intergenerational dialogues…

ICOMOS writes:

In 1982, ICOMOS established 18 April as the International Day for Monuments and Sites, followed by UNESCO adoption during its 22nd General Conference. Each year, on this occasion, ICOMOS proposes a theme for activities to be organized by its members, ICOMOS National and International Scientific Committees, Working Groups and partners, and anyone who wants to join in marking the Day.

Building on last year’s theme “Complex Pasts: Diverse Futures” – for 2022, we call on you all to explore the theme: Heritage and Climate through open, constructive and intergenerational dialogues.

In 2020, ICOMOS declared the Cultural Heritage and the Climate Emergency, recognizing the potential of cultural heritage to enable inclusive, transformative and just climate action through the safeguarding of all types of cultural heritage from adverse climate impacts, the implementation of risk-informed disaster responses, delivering climate resilient sustainable development; and this from a perspective of equity and justice.

The Future of our Pasts report, published by ICOMOS in 2019, also advocated for solidarity between heritage professionals and those communities most affected by, or least able to bear the cost of, climate change. Solidarity must form the basis of the actions that we take in this decade on our race to Climate Justice and Equity, and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals….

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For more background see:International Day for Monuments and Sites – 18 April 2021 – Events

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