COTAC expands to deliver digital educational unit in Appreciating Built Heritage with new project officer

logoHaving recently obtained Heritage Lottery funding from their Steps to Sustainability programme, COTAC is embarking on a project to deliver an entry-level heritage and historic environment conservation education unit delivered entirely digitally, with a search for a project officer under way.

…especially attractive for a student or emerging heritage professional…

The unit will be based on COTAC’s existing and freely available Insight 1 series which seeks to help in gaining a comprehensive understanding of what the built heritage is all about.  The target audience covers a wide range of cohorts including students, the general public, crafts, trades and professionals who wish to gain an appreciation of practical heritage conservation, its associated challenges, working practices and the philosophy which underpins it.

COTAC hopes that by engaging a wide range of people who interact with the built environment but do not have a technical education in conservation, heritage values and understanding become more widely appreciated.

To help deliver the unit COTAC also needs a Project Officer – part-time and temporary, and especially attractive for a student or emerging heritage professional – who wishes to learn about the heritage sector while helping develop an engaging, rewarding virtual learning environment.  More information on the role can be found here, which has a closing date of 30 June.

For more information or to volunteer to help deliver the project, contact Michael Netter COTAC Hon Secretary and also IHBC’s Professional Services Officer, at


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