IHBC welcomes Civic Voice survey for National Civic Day 2022: ‘Are you proud of your local high street?’

logoThe IHBC has welcomed Civic Voice’s new national survey to coincide with National Civic Day, on the last day of our 2022 School #IHBCAberdeen2022, which asks: Are you proud of your local high street?

Ian Harvey, Co-Founder of Civic Voice, said: ‘Since the announcement of Levelling-Up, the government has made civic pride a mission and finally realise what we at Civic Voice have been saying for years. Pride of place matters. Do you have strong feelings for your high street? What do you like best about the high street? Do you consider it a left-behind high street? The government hopes to see an increase in ‘pride in place’ throughout the United Kingdom by 2030. We believe that National Civic Day can help with this. Please answer the survey and tell us, ‘Are you proud of your high street?’

CV writes:

Thank you for participating in this survey that looks at high streets. The survey is launching on National Civic Day 2022.

By answering the survey questions you can help us build a picture of what makes people proud about their high street and to find out your thoughts on the future. The information will be shared with Civic Voice partners as part of wider learning.

See the survey survey



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