#IHBC25 Notice: IHBC’s personal guidance for Branches and volunteers on 25th anniversary initiatives, funding and more

IHBC Support Officer Jude Wheeler has written to Branches to offer guidance on National Office support for locally-led ideas and initiatives that mark the IHBC’s 25th anniversary, with all projects to be commenced before April 2023.

…our IHBC25 approach is to support Branch and volunteer initiatives that contribute to the legacy of our anniversary…

IHBC Support Officer Jude Wheeler writes:

IHBC25 is a programme to mark and build on the 25th anniversary of the IHBC’s incorporation as a charity and professional body. It is ‘A year dedicated to learning from our heritage, building on our legacy and documenting our history’. You can see more on our web resource at IHBC25, on the NewsBlog update HERE, as well as on social media at #IHBC25.

The heart of our IHBC25 approach is to support Branch and volunteer initiatives that contribute to the legacy of our anniversary. We want to help Branches and volunteers work with your own personal, professional, local and national networks to bring forward ideas that mark – or build on – this last quarter century of our history and evolution.

As the IHBC’s newly recruited Support Officer, I am here to help in any way I can, including guiding you on anniversary-linked funding streams that may help you achieve your aims, as outlined below.

Our web resource offers an initial list of projects, co-ordinated centrally, that you may want to get involved in – and if so please let me know and I will find out what is needed. We also have a simple funding application form that you can fill out, or you can contact me to explore options before completing. The form is linked HERE and is also on our IHBC25 web resource.

Some thoughts that might inspire your thinking include

  • Have you a story about the IHBC’s past or future that you could usefully share or document – such as how members got together in your area after our incorporation in 1997?
  • Is there an unsung hero who has played an important part in your Branch’s history who should be celebrated?
  • Is there someone in your Branch who is helping us move forward with new ideas and could be an example to others?
  • Do you have photographs or other documents of interest, perhaps highlighting places where IHBC-linked conservation initiatives have made a difference, or of people who have been involved in the IHBC’s conservation history and future?
  • Do you have ideas to share that would help raise IHBC’s profile and increase local engagement?
  • Looking ahead, are you aware of new ideas or advances in conservation practice, management and/or technology across your Branch or practice area that could inform or shape the IHBC’s future priorities following IHBC25, for example in social, cultural and/or environmental matters?

So, if you would like to explore any ideas or thoughts – perhaps inspired by those above, or linked to the IHBC25 projects list – I am here to help and advise.

Please do get in touch at support@ihbc.org.uk, in the first instance, and we can arrange a call at a time that suits.

See more on #IHBC25 HERE

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