IHBC’s HESPR ‘Special Interest News’ double-up: DB on IHBC-Supported APPG briefing + AJ on ‘crooked house’ demolition & protection issues

IHBC’s weekly ‘News and Tender Alerts’ to our heritage business register HESPR – Historic Environment Service Providers Recognition – this week features Designing Buildings (DB) on ‘Community involvement in heritage regeneration’ from Parliament (and the IHBC), and the Architect’s Journal (AJ) on Crooked House demolition and deficiencies in listing.

DB promotes:

Conservation places and people APPG: ‘Community involvement in heritage regeneration’

John R Bryson writes in AJ:

… Crooked House’s demolition highlights a major deficiency in the UK listing system…

On Saturday 5 August, a fire gutted the wonkiest pub in Britain, in Himley, near Dudley, with the building being demolished two days later. The building was not a protected structure and had not been formally identified as a building of local significance. Its demolition represents a major failure in this country’s approach to spatial planning and levelling up.

There is an ongoing and real threat to the identity of all UK villages, towns and cities that comes from the planning process and building regulations….

The UK’s levelling-up agenda is driven by a concern with economic growth. Its outcome will be the destruction of the essence of many places because levelling up too often means that places are levelled down…

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