IHBC features ‘Heritage (previously) from the doorstep’: Stirling’s Christie Clock Tower demolition ‘over safety’ sparks Council investigation

A clock tower which stood in Stirling for 117 years has been controversially and dramatically demolished by the local council over safety fears., and the Council has promised an investigation.

image: for illustration – Christie Clock, Stirling by AllyD – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

… Stirling Council has promised to ‘rebuild and restore’ much-loved city centre landmark…

The BBC writes:

The Christie Clock was found to be unstable when it was inspected by structural engineers last week.

Stirling Council said it had attempted to steady the pillar but “due to the urgent nature of concerns” it had to be removed on Friday evening.

The clock was saved and officials said restoration work will now be looked at.

However, local people have criticised the council for removing the tower during the night and with no warning.

… The clock tower was erected in 1906 in memory of George Christie, who was Provost of the Royal Burgh of Stirling from 1870 to 1879.

‘Well-loved’ landmark

Stirling Council said it was aware of concerns raised by residents, but defended its actions which it said were supported by structural engineers and stonemasons….

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Daily Record writes:

Stirling Council has promised to “rebuild and restore” much-loved city centre landmark the Christie Memorial Clock after it was torn down sparking fierce outrage.

City residents had spoken of their shock following the removal of clock – a feature of the Allan Park area since 1909 – during the night…

… Stirling Council leader Chris Kane – who admits he shared residents shock… – said the council’s chief executive Carol Beattie has called for an immediate investigation…

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