RTPI launches campaign to tackle online misinformation and support planners

The Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) has launched the ‘It Takes Planners &’ campaign on World Town Planning Day, aiming to tackle misinformation online by raising the awareness of the pivotal role planners play in creating liveable, healthy communities.

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…Too often we are seeing the impact of misinformation online spill over into reality…

RTPI writes:

In the current era dominated by social media, local planning issues have become vulnerable to the influence of online misinformation. With the freedom to express opinions anonymously and without accountability, naysayers have been manipulating discussions surrounding local planning decisions.

In March, a study conducted by The Planner, a member magazine of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI), revealed that 87% of planners believe that social media is responsible for spreading misinformation about local planning matters.

The RTPI’s Big Conversation Report also exposed the difficulties planning professionals are facing, showing 74% of Local Planning Authority officers in Wales reported feeling overworked and overstressed in their roles.

Campaign materials and resources are available from the dedicated campaign hub located on the Planning Your World site.

Victoria Hills, Chief Executive of the Royal Town Planning Institute said: “Too often we are seeing the impact of misinformation online spill over into reality. While a social media posts can seem like a minor issue, they can have serious, real, and detrimental impacts on people’s lives.

“Only by addressing the challenges planners face, showing our support for planners and tackling misinformation head-on, can we ensure that our planning system continues to create liveable, healthy communities. I hope that you, whichever profession you work in, will join us in sharing your support.”

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