Join IHBC’s Consultations Panel: Your chance to keep up on conservation policy, legislation, guidance and much more, while building skills and CPD

IHBC members are invited to join the IHBC’s longstanding Consultations Panel, which offers the chance to offer your take on conservation practice, principles and standards into the IHBC’s conclusions on emerging policy, legislation and guidance, shaping the conservation outcomes of the future as well as your own Continuing Professional Development (CPD).logo

IHBC Policy Committee Chair Roy Lewis said: ‘The consultation circulation is a great way to keep up to date on new policy as it emerges. For example panel members  receive notification of consultations on which the IHBC may comment.’

‘And remember too that, in joining, you are not committed to answer or comment.  But if you do see a consultation on a subject of which you have special knowledge, you can share your ideas and feed into the Institute’s response easily, simply via emails.’

Membership of the IHBC Consultations Panel is entirely at the discretion of the IHBC.  Panel members  must conduct themselves appropriately and communicate professionally in accordance with the IHBC’s Code of Conduct. The panel circulation? is public amongst its members, to promote engagement and understanding, so all comments must respect the public nature of the communications.

For more on IHBC consultations and the panel’s work see the Consultations Panel.

Contact Consultations panel co-ordinator Fiona Newton at to be considered for inclusion in the Consultations Panel.

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