IHBC features ‘Heritage from the doorstep’: Objections lodged to proposals by Stella McCartney to build seafront house near Mallaig

Highland Council has received more than 50 objections to a proposal by fashion designer Stella McCartney to build a seafront house close to Mallaig, reports Scottish Construction Now.

image of Mallaig for illustration by Bradscorner, CC BY-SA 4.0  via Wikimedia Commons

Scottish Construction Now writes:

The 52-year-old… is looking to erect a coastal property at Glenuig at Commando Rock, south of Arisaig.

In a planning application, McCartney’s architects say the glass-fronted home would enhance the landscape and “retain the wild nature of the site”.

However… Highland Council have received more than 50 public objections to the plans….

In a design statement for the house, McCartney’s architects, Brown and Brown, said: “Privacy is of prime import to the applicant, which was a chief reason why they acquired the site.”…

The council’s planning committee is expected to discuss the application in the coming months.

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