IHBC welcomes HE’s Heritage Counts 2023

townscape plus peopleThe IHBC has welcomed the launch of Historic England’s Heritage Counts 2023, which ‘provides evidence on the economic value of heritage, the intricate relationship between heritage and wellbeing, and… Heritage Indicators that… gross value added (GVA) figures’.

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… essential reading for the heritage professional…

IHBC Chair David McDonald said: ‘I’m pleased to welcome the latest research updates from Heritage Counts. It provides some very useful data on the economic impact of heritage as well as highlighting useful work on developing a capital framework for culture and heritage.’

‘Following on from previous studies on dealing with climate change, this also includes some invaluable insights into local demand for retrofitting skills.

‘It is essential reading for the heritage professional.’

Adala Leeson, Head of Socio- Economic Analysis and Evaluation at Historic England writes:

The themes covered include Economy, Society, and Environment, with updated Heritage Indicator data for 2022. This edition provides evidence on the economic value of heritage, the intricate relationship between heritage and wellbeing and the Heritage Indicators that have been updated for 2022 which include gross value added (GVA) figures.

We also have forthcoming evidence on how the built environment contributes to the ‘circular economy,’ I will follow-up when this is published online in a few weeks.

Traditionally offered as a series of PDF documents online, we have responded to feedback and have adopted a digital-first format of Heritage Counts. We hope this will enhance accessibility and mean that a wider audience can benefit from the wealth of information. For example, we have enhanced data with more data visualisations.

Your continued support is invaluable as we implement these changes, and we welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have.

I hope this content will be a useful resource for advocacy and evidencing the benefits of the historic environment. Please do post about Heritage Counts 2023 on your social media channels, here is a suggested social media post:

The latest #HeritageCounts data is now available online from @HistoricEngland. A go-to source for those wanting to demonstrate the value of heritage. Read more here: https://bit.ly/HeritageCounts

Thank you for your continued commitment to championing heritage.

HE writes:

Heritage Counts is a compendium of the best available evidence that might support advocacy for heritage and inform new initiatives. Historic environment professionals use the research collected here to understand the value of heritage and changes in the historic environment to develop policies to protect it and demonstrate its importance.

Additionally, within the Heritage Counts series is Heritage Indicator Data. These datasets collate a range of indicators that provide useful trends and statistics into the state of the historic environment around 8 themes.

Read more….

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