IHBC features ‘Heritage from the doorstep’: Developer ordered to recreate demolished East Yorkshire pub builds it ‘without a bar or cellar’

Developer Wayne Low was ordered to faithfully rebuild the Travellers Rest in Long Riston after illegally tearing down the vacant pub, HullLive reports.

HullLive writes:

A developer ordered to build a faithful recreation of an East Riding village’s historic pub they tore down illegally has built one without a bar, an inspector has found.

The structure built on the site of the 200-year-old Travellers Rest, in Long Riston, was found by an inspector to be plainly unsuitable for use as a pub. Inspector Laura Renaudon found it appeared to be two separate houses with their own gardens, living spaces and meters contained within a building with some outside features….

…. The inspectors finding came as she dismissed Mr Low’s appeal….

The inspector said: “The property now lacks benefit of a cellar, although it may be possible to run a public house without a beer cellar, it would be unlikely for one of this size….”

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