IHBC’s ‘Research’ Signpost: HSTF Annual Research Study 2024 – Place Partnerships

The High Streets Task Force (HSTF) has published it’s ‘Annual Research Study on Place Partnerships 2024’.

image for illustration: Joanna Theobald

HSTF writes:

Place partnerships have been crucial to the success of regeneration in our places. This research aims to investigate and qualify the impact of place partnerships, what they achieve, how they achieve it, as well as to understand more about how place partnerships form and evolve, and their role in the development and regeneration of their places. The research focuses on four partnerships which have historically seen success and improvement in their locale. Although there has been research which has tracked the development and impact of partnerships, there has been little which has examined the factors which ensure success in practice. This report aims to highlight the role and impact of successful partnerships to provide help and support to the development of partnerships in the future.

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