IHBC features ‘Heritage from the global doorstep’: Striking photos show nature reclaiming brutalist concrete

A new photography book, ‘Brutalist Plants,’ explores nature’s links to the architectural style characterised by imposing form and exposed concrete.

image for illustration: Barbican gardens secretlondon123 from London, England, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

CNN writes:

The common opinions about Brutalist architecture are a far cry from the way we often describe the natural world: lush, colorful, verdant. But a new photobook is exploring nature’s relationship with Brutalist architecture — from a theatre in Japan to a library in Canada…

… ‘Brutalist Plants,’.. is a ‘mix of looking into the future but also looking back,’ said Olivia Broome, curator of the book and creator of the @brutalistplants Instagram community of more than 30,000 followers….

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