Design Council: Using design as a force for change

The Design Council is keen to show the power of design and how it impacts three key areas of the economy: business innovation, places and public services.

… Improving health….sustainable living….design skills…

Design Council writes:

In March 2020 we published our new strategy, which outlines our key priorities for the next four years. Over this time, we will focus on three key areas which urgently need to be addressed: improving our nation’s health and wellbeing, and addressing health inequalities across the UK; enabling sustainable living and helping the UK reach its stated net zero targets; and intensifying our market making work for design by helping people access, understand and learn essential design skills.

These are complex challenges which require more than one solution – requiring input from grassroots to government. We will use our experience and expertise to bring together a wide range of stakeholders to shape a prosperous, healthier and sustainable society. The bulk of this strategy was developed before COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. As an agile and forward-thinking organisation, we are prepared to shift the emphasis of our work if necessary so we can best respond to this unprecedented situation.

Our three key areas of focus

  • Improving health and wellbeing

Find out how design can be used to tackle the nation’s health crisis.

  • Enabling sustainable living

Learn how design can help us preserve and protect our planet, its inhabitants and resources.

  • Increasing design skills

Discovering how design skills help us tackle complex challenges and boost our economy.

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