‘IHBC is listening’ on a Petition for Charter: New FAQs to prompt thoughts and more, with our Member Survey still open

David Williams, the IHBC’s consultant on the investigation of a Petition for Charter – #IHBCPetitionforCharter – has agreed a first series of responses to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) with our Petition for Charter Working Group to help inform discussions, while our first Petition Survey is still open for feedback from members and their networks.


See the FAQs 

Explore the web hub for

… We want to listen both to members’ priorities and concerns, and see how we can best address them..

IHBC Chair David McDonald and Mike Brown, IHBC President said: ‘We are delighted with progress and feedback on the survey so far.’

‘With this new FAQ resource and the other evolving content on our #IHBCPetitionforCharter web hub (HERE), we hope members of all Categories will take this opportunity to have your voice heard, and complete the linked  Member Survey’.

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘All survey responses are very helpful.  We want to listen both to members’ priorities and concerns, and see how we can best address them.  There is much to find out still, but for now the high level of support for our work is clear, and the career value of IHBC benefits and accreditation is striking.  But we need to see where we can do better’.

‘So do help us, by completing this first #IHBCPetitionforCharter Survey.’

David Williams said: ‘ As part of our commitment to an open and transparent process as we explore Chartering, we hope this FAQ document will help you explore for yourself about the merits of the petition process.’

‘So please take a look and while all feedback is welcome, we would be especially delighted if you could spend a few minutes answering the questions in this short survey for IHBC Members.’

‘Please be frank.  Constructive comments are always welcome as they will help us as we explore the ‘path to charter’.’

For more background see the IHBC NewsBlog

See current details on progress with the #IHBCPetitionforCharter at petitionforcharter.ihbc.org.uk

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