Design Code Pathfinder Programme update: Supporting LAs & neighbourhood planning to develop design codes

The Design Council has updated on recent work with government to provide design advice and support to 25 selected pathfinders as they developed design codes to help raise the quality of the built environment in their local area.

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… interactive flow chart that breaks down the design coding process into a series of steps…

The Design Council writes:

What is a design code?

They are a set of concise illustrated design requirements providing the parameters for the development of a site or area to deliver more predictable design outcomes. These codes are tailored to local conditions and priorities, which seek to support well-designed places by:

  • Enhancing local character
  • Supporting vibrant and healthy communities
  • Addressing the climate emergency

Learnings and materials

Drawing on the learnings from the Design Code Pathfinder Programme, we have developed a selection of mixed-media learning materials.

These are to help coding teams understand the steps and process of developing a design code and offer advice and guidance for every stage of the coding process – including materials teams can use to bring stakeholders and communities on board.

These materials have been produced by, and feature, a wide range of experts in the field including local authorities and neighbourhood planning groups who participated in the programme. Their voices have informed the creation of our multi-media learning materials allowing you to learn about the journey of these teams.

Road to design codes

An interactive flow chart that breaks down the design coding process into a series of steps.

This tool offers a good starting place when developing a design code. It is based on the coding stages as outlined in the National Model Design Code and is therefore useful for navigating the complex coding process for teams of different scales and with different starting points…..

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Download a PDF of the road map

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