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[this round of jobs]…. demonstrate the breadth of roles to which the IHBC’s competences, standards and conservation skills sets are critical…

IHBC Director Sean O’Reilly said: ‘Our NewsBlog updates on career opportunities posted on the ‘IHBC Jobs etc.’ service confirm the huge variety of roles that employers are looking to us to help fill.’

‘Any NewsBlog Jobs etc. update ranges widely across sectors, skills, employers, locations and roles, but all have one special consideration in common: they target IHBC members, their skills and our networks to secure the right profile they need, of competence, knowledge and experience in conservation and related disciplines and roles.’

‘The current round of postings highlights the need both for strategic advisory roles and on-the-ground practice and support-focussed skills in building and area conservation and related roles in the care and development of buildings, property, areas and places.’

Headline posts this round include senior and substantial posts with a strong ‘asset-management’ focus.  These range from Jersey Heritage and its search for the right person for an especially well-remunerated post as Director of Historic Property and Environment; Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust’s call for a Director of Estates and Preservation; and the National Trust seeking for a ‘Cultural Heritage Curator’.

Altogether these encapsulate how estate-holding bodies with substantial heritage considerations increasingly recognise the importance of dedicated conservation skills sets across their highest levels of management of heritage resources.  These also register just how wide-ranging are the practice areas covered by the IHBC’s Areas of Competence, notably, here, that corresponding to ‘Management’.

Complementing those ‘Management’ practice areas, this round of jobs also has substantial posts representing our ‘Evaluation’ Area of Competence – covering ‘history’ and ‘Research, Recording and Analysis’, if, unsurprisingly, at rather smaller salaries.  That said there are still no less than two archaeology-led roles: HCUK Group’s Archaeological Clerk of Works and Archaeology South-East /UCL’s call for an Archaeologist (Supervisor, Historic Buildings), as well as – with its stronger history and conservation practice focus – Historic England’s Inspector of Historic Buildings and Areas.

These alone demonstrate the breadth of roles to which the IHBC’s competences, standards and conservation skills sets are critical.

‘Councils are also continuing to look to IHBC’s members especially for their posts, as may be expected, especially given our shared public duties and our own charitable standing and priorities.’

For this round again the selection from Councils is smaller than usual, but still includes varied titles that reflect more local arrangements, and still offers a perfect profile of the professional role.  Bath & North East Somerset’s Conservation Officer; Hillingdon’s Principle Conservation Officer both represent core practice roles tied to primary planning legislation across the UK on conservation.  Oxford City’s Heritage Officer, Trafford’s Heritage Development Officer and West Norfolk’s Project Officer represent broader remits sought to reflect more local priorities.  Regardless, each relies on the holistic and interdisciplinary standards in the IHBC’s conservation accreditation.

That diversification of titles and nuancing of roles is also well reflected in two other potentially quite different posts – here from the third sector – that also recognise the IHBC’s conservation framework of standards and skills: Bath Preservation Trust’s call for a Planning Officer – Conservation, and Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust’s call for an Architectural Adviser.  Church bodies also are increasingly looking to the authoritative network of the IHBC for staff, as represented in this round by the Diocese of Truro’s search for a Church Buildings Support Officer.

‘Of course the private sector is responsible for the care and curation of the vast majority of our heritage resources. So it is both gratifying and heartening to see the high regard for our standards across some of the best of the more commercially-focussed operations.  For this round LUC’s  Historic Environment Consultant /Senior Consultant and Heritage Consultant – Associate Director are relevant, as are Place Services’ Assistant Built Heritage Consultant and Built Heritage Consultant.

If the scale of posts on our Jobs etc  service just now is less dramatic than in more recent years – reflecting as it does the wider economic downturn – they still capture well the exceptionally wide spectrum of relevant roles encompassed by the IHBC’s accreditation model, the IHBC Areas of Competence, and the skills represented there.’

‘To find out more on such matters, our MATE  and related sessions support accreditation, while they also delve into the IHBC’s Competences and Conservation Cycle.  As such they help applicants’ align their skills to the principles we use to assess interdisciplinary competence, all in line with national and international conservation practice standards.’

Current and recent posts (some now closed) on IHBC Jobs etc. include:

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