Levelling Up case studies brings together examples from communities across the UK

A new collection of levelling up case studies brings together examples from communities across the UK.

image: Open Government Licence v3.0

… no one size fits all…

GOV.UK writes:

The UK government is committed to Levelling Up across the whole of the United Kingdom to make sure that no community is left behind, creating opportunities for everyone across the UK.
To do this we have launched a series of successful funding schemes to realise the potential of every place, and give left behind communities the same level of opportunity as other areas. There’s no one size fits all, Levelling Up funding schemes cover infrastructure that improves everyday life for local residents; saving beloved community assets and supporting local communities to build pride in where they live. This has involved working more directly with local partners and communities across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, who are best placed to understand the needs of their local areas. These case studies showcase the investment funds in practice, in particular:

  • The UK Community Ownership Fund
  • The Levelling Up Fund

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