IHBC’s ‘new home’ signpost: Historic Buildings & Places moves home

IHBC member and lead Bob Kindred, Trustee of Historic Buildings & Places, has drawn attention to the change of address for the Society (formally known as the Ancient Monuments Society) as they have now moved to new premises at The Courtyard, 37 Spital Square, London E1 6DY.

Bob Kindred writes:

As the Society moves towards its Centenary next year it is continuing to review its operations and governance under its new Director, Liz Power. As part of this process and the adoption of more flexible working arrangements it was decided to vacate the Vestry Hall, its recent home in EC1 as no longer suitable for its present purposes, The facilities at Spital Square (close to the operations of the SPAB) will allow the Society to more effectively and efficiently, pursue its charitable objects and statutory functions.

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