ESPON seeks pool of editors to develop content

ESPON, the EU funded programme with the task to bring together policymakers and researchers and seeks editors to help ‘them communicate’ despite the fact that they ‘speak different languages’.

… Are you familiar with the EU/researchers jargon…?

EPSON writes:

It is not an easy task. Policymakers and researchers speak different languages. How can we make them communicate then? We are using “translation services”. We are translating the results of the scientific work of the researchers into short, easier to understand messages and we communicate those messages from different channels: presentations in workshops and seminars, short publications, articles on our website and the TerritoriALL magazine, storymaps on our portal, posts on our social media.

In this effort we need all the help that we can get. That is why we published this call for editors where we invite mainly journalists, but also anyone with experience in translating complex content into easy to read and understand informative text to support us. If you believe you have those skills, read the call and apply. It is a simple application, the list is valid until the end of the programming period and you do not commit yourself to any task in advance.

What you need to consider before applying:

1. Do you have the expertise and competences mentioned in the call? (read carefully the paragraph 3.4 of the call)

2. Are you familiar with the EU/researchers jargon and are you able to replace it with words that anyone can understand?

3. Are you self-employed or working for a company that can invoice us if/when needed?

If you reply yes to all the above questions, we encourage you to apply. Read about the process and let us know if you have any difficulties or questions. We are really looking forward to hear from you.

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For background see ‘ESPON on a nutshell’ 

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