Study: Biodiversity Net Gain has potential to absorb 650,000 tonnes of carbon a year

Analysis calculates habitats created by Biodiversity Net Gain schemes could absorb emissions equivalent to nearly 200,000 round trip flights from London to New York each year, according to research by Joe’s Blooms.

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Joe Blooms writes on LinkedIn (March 2024):

A new Joe’s Blooms study published today shows that habitats created through BNG rules could absorb up to 650,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year! Here are the takeaways:

  • This equates to the emissions released from nearly 200,000 round trip flights from London to New York or 4.6 billion kilometres of driving an average car.
  • As well as this carbon absorption potential, the green space created by BNG will protect England’s native plant and animal species – with recent data from the Woodland Trust showing that one-third of all woodland species are diminishing.
  • BNG will also support the UK’s efforts to fight global warming, with analysis showing that biodiverse land decreases flood exposure by up to 70%.

With BNG coming into force for small developers as of April 2, it’s clear the new regime will play an important role in boosting natural habitats across England and supporting the UK’s resilience to climate change. With less than three weeks to go, we’re continuing to release new tools to help developers comply with BNG.

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