Here’s How To Time Travel With Google Maps Street View

As part of its 15-year anniversary semi-celebration of Street View, Google is taking us all back in time — metaphorically speaking – as a new feature lets you jump back and forth between 2007 (when Street View was first launched) to whenever the most recent 360-degree photos.

… a quick way to see how much the town you grew up in has (or hasn’t) changed…

Slash Gear writes:

The results may not be as dramatic as your typical ‘then and now’ photo comparisons… but being able to visually compare images taken 15 years apart is still interesting. It’s a quick way to see how much the town you grew up in has (or hasn’t) changed,…Getting the new feature to work is pretty simple unless you’re on an Android or iOS device — not because the process is complex, but because it hasn’t quite gone live yet for mobile devices…

How to use time travel with Street View

When the option to view older Street View images does arrive on mobile devices, accessing them will be pretty straightforward. Once you have the Google Maps app open and are in Street View, tap on the image to pull up location information, tap ‘See more dates,’….

It’s similarly simple in a web browser… When you find the year you want, click on the preview thumbnail to change the Street View image to the new time period.

Changing the year doesn’t just replace the current Street View image, either. Whatever date you jump to becomes the new default…

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