Interested is serving as an IHBC trustee? New Board statement encourages diversity and more, so review guidance and terms and explore, all before 22 March close

IHBC’s Board has issued a new statement on ‘Equity, Diversity and Inclusion’ to encourage Board nominations most representative of our membership, with further guidance on our web pages and in person, helping all member categories engage with our governance and voluntary roles before trustee nominations close on 22 March.

… interested in exploring a voluntary role as an IHBC trustee…

IHBC Secretary Jo Evans said: ‘We will soon be writing to all members to formally notify them of arrangements for the 2023 AGM, which will take place online on 3 May 2023 and to which all members of any category are welcome.

‘Among other business matters there, accredited members – that is Associates, Full Members and Retired – will elect our new Board of Trustees.  Formal roles and posts are open to such members only, and subject to the receipt of nominations before 22 March.’

‘Although our elections can be competitive, in practice we tend to have fewer nominations to the Board than we have places and posts we can offer.  So while trustee terms are for three years by default, post-holders may take the opportunity to stand down early if there are alternative candidates.  We have also instituted an elective  rotation of those trustees and officers elected when the 2020 Articles were introduced, to ensure continuity over the long-term as well as capacity-building in the short term.’

‘So if you are interested in exploring a voluntary role as an IHBC trustee, the best place to explore your interest is through our online guidance, which you can also follow up by contacting volunteers and officers as noted below.’

‘This year, to extend the Board’s representation, we are also formally calling for support from members to help us address the ambitions in our new EDI Board statement, noted below.  Members of all categories are asked to ‘encourage, promote and welcome nominations that help support equity, diversity and inclusion’ across our Board’s membership.

‘If you are IHBC-accredited please do in any case take the time to explore our support material, including the Trustee Specifications, and to vote at our AGM on 3 May, ideally by proxy to minimise costs and complications.’

‘If you are interested in such a voluntary position, you can also explore trustee duties and obligations ‘in real life’ simply by contacting any trustees you may know or through your Branch, or any member of our National Office, starting with an email to our Administrator and Company Secretary Lydia Porter at, or to our Director Seán O’Reilly at’

… ongoing calls for volunteers willing and able to take on the substantial role…

IHBC Chair David McDonald said: ‘As we all know, the strength of the IHBC lies in the willingness of its members to contribute to its activities. The Institute is always pleased to hear from members willing to contribute their skills, time and experience, either at local or national level.  Of course this includes our ongoing calls for volunteers willing and able to take on the substantial role and duties of trustees on our Board.’

A starting point for active voluntary involvement for IHBC members of all categories may be on national and regional Branch Committees or on our four national Committees, covering membership, policy, education and communications. These also offer opportunities to learn about and contribute to our governance, as you build skills for trustee roles.’

‘Today, participation in our new constitutional advisory and training Council is probably the best way to taste the formal responsibilities and operations of the Institute’s governance and operations at a national level.  You can join either as a Branch representative or simply by attending as a IHBC member and, by default, also a member of Council.  Our most recent Council offered free training on trustee roles, and that thread will continue through future Councils.’

‘As ever, I am happy to answer any questions members might like to raise, as are all our Board members and officers.’


The Institute of Historic Buildings Conservation (IHBC) is a registered charity.

The Board of the IHBC has extended and formalised its collective commitment to support Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the heritage sector with the following statements:

  • As a charity, the IHBC strives to share best practice in creating a fair and inclusive built and historic environment.
  • Through its work and influence, the IHBC proactively promotes and enhances diversity across all its operations and spheres of influence to help ensure that the institute is representative of the communities and interests served.
  • Currently:
    • The IHBC’s Trustees encourage processes that ensure fair inclusive representation by responding to any shortcomings in equity, diversity and inclusion, including on the IHBC’s Board.
    • The Board is committed to addressing imbalances through:
      • Encouraging the entire membership of the IHBC, especially those members eligible to vote at our AGMs, to encourage, promote and welcome nominations that help support equity, diversity and inclusion on the IHBC’s Board and, by extension, across our membership.
      • Using the Board’s capacity to co-opt board members to help improve that diversity, while also recognising others standards of good practice in Board profiles, including skills.
      • Reviewing progress in improving the Board’s representation of the communities and interests served by the charity.

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