Campaign for National Parks launches ‘Save Our National Parks’ campaign, marking the 75 anniversary of National Parks

The Campaign for National Parks, the independent charity dedicated to securing the future of National Parks in England and Wales, has launched a ‘Save Our National Parks’ campaign in this, marking the 75 anniversary year of the founding of National Parks in the UK.

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… National Parks….being held back by out-of-date legislation and damaging budget cuts…

The Campaign for National Parks, writes:

National Parks are the UK’s most iconic and awe-inspiring landscapes. Like The Beatles and the NHS, they are world renowned and represent the very best of our nation.

They are a source of wellbeing, adventure and connection with nature for millions of people.

But scratch the surface and all is not as it seems.

As we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of National Parks in the UK, the truth is that these places are facing a host of challenges:

  • Wildlife and habitats on the brink of destruction
  • Rivers and lakes clogged with sewage
  • Fragile ecosystems ravaged by climate change
  • A growing divide when it comes to who can live, work and visit these places

National Parks can overcome these challenges but are being held back by out-of-date legislation and damaging budget cuts.

Our politicians hold the key to rescuing these landscapes, but they are failing to take proper and urgent action.

Together we can change this.

Join a movement of people from all ages and backgrounds standing up for our National Parks.

Sign the petition and send our leaders a powerful message ahead of the next UK election that National Parks matter

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