Active Travel England design assistance tools

Active Travel England (ATE) has developed a suite of tools to support the development of designs and the assessment of design quality for active travel interventions and schemes.

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GOV.UK writes:

… These design assistance tools should be used in conjunction with ATE scheme review tools.

Crossing selector tool

Provides a range of suitable design options when considering how to connect walking, wheeling and cycling routes over a main road between 2 side roads.

Route cross-section tool

Assists in confirming whether a corridor is suitable for different kinds of active travel infrastructure, given constraints such as carriageway width.

Both tools are based on national guidance such as:

  • Cycle infrastructure design LTN 1/20
  • Inclusive Mobility: making transport accessible for passengers and pedestrians
  • Manual for streets 2007 and Manual for streets 2010
  • existing street assessment tools, such as Cycling Level of Service (appendix A in Cycle Infrastructure Design LTN 1/20 and Healthy Streets
  • best practice and further evidence

Read more and view the tools….

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