IHBC calls for ‘Expressions of Interest’ (EoI) from Full Members seeking occasional fee income on our new ‘Recognised MATE Provider’ listing: Initial closing date 1 May 2024

IHBC Full Members who are strong presenters and communicators, committed to maintaining our standards in line with the Institute’s interdisciplinary practice model, as well as supporting members’ career journeys, are called on to submit interest in a new occasional, flexible, interactive and fee-based opportunity as an IHBC ‘Recognised MATE Provider’!




The IHBC writes:

The IHBC is expanding and extending arrangements for its acclaimed and accessible MATE accreditation support events – our new ‘Membership Accreditation Training Events’.

The IHBC is calling for ‘expressions of interest’ from Full Members with both substantial and relevant knowledge and experience across our Areas of Competence and practice standards, and strong communication skills.  We want you to help us deliver this new programme by serving as approved paid consultants on our listing of ‘Recognised MATE Providers’ qualified to lead MATE sessions to an agreed standard.

IHBC Membership and Ethics Secretary Andrew Shepherd said: ‘Our success with the MATE programme has highlighted the huge need for – and widening interest in – accessible and targeted support for our distinctive approach to interdisciplinary built and historic environment conservation practice and its accreditation.’

‘We are now taking the initiative to enhance our MATE support and services, while also widening opportunities for skilled IHBC members to partner with us as paid consultants helping advance our profession.’

‘While nothing will change in our longstanding and established standards of accreditation, we are looking at a number of ways to reduce the burden of a necessarily rigorous process on busy practitioners seeking the quality mark of IHBC accreditation.  Our new and more flexible listing of lead ‘Recognised MATE Providers’, from which MATE hosts can choose, is a central part of this strategy.’

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said:  ‘Our innovative MATE service has more than a decade and half of growth behind it, piloting in Aberdeen and led at different times by staff, consultants – including most recently Dr Ramona Usher, who will continue as a consultant under the new arrangements – as well as volunteers.’

‘Now it will evolve further as we develop a listing of Recognised MATE Providers, trained and agreed by the IHBC.  This will let us offer more customised MATE guidance, still free or low-cost of course, but better able to respond to the diverse needs of practitioners seeking customised guidance on how best to apply for the IHBC interdisciplinary conservation accreditation, regardless of background or location.’

‘So, as we look to our new arrangements, we are opening an initial call for ‘Expressions of Interest’ in this new type of consultant role with the Institute.’

Expectations of ‘Recognised MATE Providers’

All ‘Expressions of Interest’ in the ‘Recognised MATE Provider’ role should cover:

  • Familiarity with the IHBC application process and accreditation models, including any involvement with MATE sessions
  • Capacity to operate in line with the IHBC’s guidance and structure of MATE session, which will require delivery that encourages personal guidance in line with a fixed and formal structure
  • Agreement to:
    • negotiate availability for date, time and location of a MATE session with the host Branch or other body, supported by the IHBC’s National Office
    • Respond professionally to any ‘online’, ‘hybrid’ or ‘in-person’ service as required by any Recognised MATE Provider agreement with the IHBC
    • Take responsibility for delivering content in an agreed MATE event, whether online, hybrid or in person.

Fee structure

IHBC will pay a standard professional fee per MATE dependent on format, and include travel costs and reasonable accommodation where agreed in advance with IHBC.

The fees payable to Recognised MATE Providers will be tied to professional rates for service options offered to MATE hosts for:

  • Delivery of c.2+ hour online MATE sessions
  • Delivery of c.3+ hours of ‘hybrid’ or ‘in-person’ MATE sessions, plus expenses

Outline terms

The content of MATEs will be a fixed structure with equivalent content allowing for personally presented style and, where relevant, variations across MATE delegate disciplines and skills sets.

Before embarking on leading MATE sessions, a prospective Recognised MATE Provider will be required to undertake relevant training and instruction provided by IHBC on required content and key messages.

Training for the role will be provided free by the IHBC and, while still under development, will require:

  • Attendance at 2 (minimum) online MATE or convenient in-person MATE sessions to gain practical experience of delivery models and variations
  • Attend an online standards review with the network of Recognised MATE providers
  • Demonstrable capacity to lead a MATE session in line with IHBC’s standards.

This training and familiarisation will be eligible as IHBC CPD, and is free, but is offered ‘without prejudice’ to any final listing as a Recognised MATE Provider.

There will be a probation period for each provider covering the first two MATE sessions led.

The IHBC can make no commitment to the number of MATE sessions each provider will be asked to lead as this will depend on MATE session hosts.

Travel may be required, depending on MATE host requirements.

MATE sessions may be held at irregular hours and outside of the standard working day, including in evenings and over weekends.

Consultants are expected to make their own arrangements for IT and internet access.

Although Recognised MATE providers will often be consultants in their own business the delivery of the MATE should be strictly focused on IHBC membership and not include business or self-promotion.

Essential qualities you will need for success in any Expression of Interest:

  • Full Membership of the IHBC
  • Demonstratable success in delivering practical and engaging training
  • Some knowledge of the IHBC’s membership application process
  • Strong understanding of interdisciplinary conservation practice and standards
  • Energetic, self-motivated and capable of operating independently and with limited supervision
  • Capacity to work closely with IHBC Branch volunteers
  • Strong communication skills.

About the IHBC

The IHBC – The Institute of Historic Building Conservation – is a limited company and a registered charity that serves as the UK’s professional body for built and historic environment conservation specialists.  Full details of our operations, the services and benefits we offer, and our structures, are posted on our website.

The IHBC is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against employees based on age, race, colour, religion, origin, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or other legally protected characteristics.  This policy is also enshrined in the IHBC’s Code of Conduct which states that: ‘Members shall not discriminate on the grounds of race, sex, creed, religion, disability or age in their professional activities and shall seek to eliminate such discrimination by others and to promote equality of opportunity.’

How to apply

Please email admin@ihbc.org.uk attaching your application letter before the closing date, accompanied by a detailed CV, stating why you think you should be appointed to join this network of Recognised MATE providers.

If you have any queries about the position please contact Sean O’Reilly, IHBC Director, by email, at director@ihbc.org.uk

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