IHBC’s HESPR ‘Special Interest News’: Dezeen on ‘…how design shapes society and culture’, from Doha, with Chipperfield on how architects ‘changed cities for the worse’

IHBC’s heritage business register HESPR – our Historic Environment Service Providers Recognition quality assurance scheme for heritage services – emails members weekly ‘News and Tender Alerts’, and this week features Dezeen on the ‘Design Doha Forum’ and Chipperfield on how architects.. ‘had been part of a process that has changed cities for the worse’.



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‘Agent of change: how design shapes society and culture’:

In a discussion at the ‘Design Doha Forum panelists looked at the impact design and architecture were having on lifestyles, culture and the environment.

Dezeen reports:

… Chipperfield said that although the most critical decisions about the built environment were made further up the ‘food chain’, before the involvement of architects, they nevertheless had been part of a process that has changed cities for the worse.

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