IHBC’s AI in ‘Practice’ Signpost No. 1: De-jargoning AI, on videos, courtesy WBEF AND RICS

‘Technical and AI jargon: Explanation of the technology changing the built and natural environment’ from the RICS and its World Built Environment Forum (WBEF), is now available to view free on Youtube.

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RICS writes:

How can artificial intelligence systems be trained and applied to different kinds of tasks in the built environment and what impacts will this have on professionals?

Andrew Knight, Global Data and Tech Lead at RICS, discusses the benefits and risks that digitalisation is bringing to the built and natural environment and explains the key jargon around AI and its applications for the sector.

From cost benchmarking data to image recognition connected to BIM models, AI can be utilised to perform very specific tasks in the built environment.

It is crucial that professionals understand the ways machines are taught by humans to understand large datasets, find patterns and draw conclusions. Whether taught through supervised or unsupervised machine learning approaches, AI has a huge potential to revolutionise the way we look at data and the way professionals using these tools can be productive.

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