IHBC issues 2024 AGM reminders: To voting members, ‘Please complete your proxy form’, and for all, to register in advance for Robyn Pender on ‘… energy in buildings…’, 30/04

IHBC’s Chair David McDonald has reminded voting members to complete proxy voting forms – SHORT or LONG as suits – as back-up arrangements for voting at our 2024 AGM on 30 April, while reminding all to register in advance for the AGM’s CPD session with Robyn Pender on ‘… Why exactly are we using so much energy in buildings in the first place?’.


SHORT PROXYTakes seconds using your Membership number supplied
LONG PROXYRequires Word document download and return

 See more on IHBC’s 2024 AGM

David McDonald writes:

The full programme of IHBC CPD for the AGM will open at 5.30pm with a talk by Dr Robyn Pender entitled ‘Taming the elephant in the room: ‘Why exactly are we using so much energy in buildings in the first place?’

The AGM will follow at 6.00pm and is a critical moment in our cycle of governance.

All voting members (Full, Associate and Retired) are encouraged to vote in advance of the AGM, whether or not you’re attending, using our proxy forms – Short or Long – in case of non-attendance or technical issues during the online AGM.

See  more on the IHBC’s 2024 AGM

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