IHBC Launches new ‘Guidance Note’ on ToolBox: Alterations to Listed Buildings’

The IHBC’s latest Toolbox Guidance Note, on ‘Alterations to Listed Buildings’ has been issued following UK-wide consultation.

… need for guidance… when concerns surfaced regarding a lack of consistency…

… to fill a gap in the suite of authoritative detailed guidance…

IHBC Policy Secretary Roy Lewis said: ‘I am extremely pleased to see the launch of the IHBC Guidance on Alterations to Listed Buildings.  This has been a long time in the making but I think it has been worth the wait.’

‘IHBC’s Policy Committee identified a need for guidance of this sort a few years ago, when concerns surfaced regarding a lack of consistency across the country relating to how different conservation advisors responded to various proposed alterations to listed buildings.  There was a feeling that such inconsistency was in part due to a lack of detailed authoritative advice following the withdrawal around ten years ago, of detailed guidance such as Annex C of the Government’s PPG15 and Appendix 1 of Historic Scotland’s Memorandum of Guidance.  Consequently, IHBC’s purpose in issuing this document is to fill a gap in the suite of authoritative detailed guidance available, in order to help achieve greater consistency when alterations to listed buildings are under consideration.’

… not intended….as a rigid set of rules….[rather] as a set of good practice guidelines…

‘That said, it is not intended that the content of the document should be interpreted as a rigid set of rules.  Rather, it is intended as a set of good practice guidelines, at a level of detail that is not currently available elsewhere.’

‘As IHBC is a UK-wide body, we have aimed to provide guidance that is common to all, across the home nations.  This has not been easy but we have consulted with and have incorporated responses from key heritage organisations across the UK.  Particular thanks must go to Bob Kindred who produced the initial draft, together with James Caird, Fiona Newton and her colleagues in the National Office who have refined the document in the light of responses from consultees.  Policy Committee members have kept a close eye on a process that has taken around three years to complete.’

‘Given the breadth of the subject matter, it is not surprising that there has been some disagreement along the way and compromises have had to be made.  However, I think the advice in the finalised document will be supported by most people whose aim is to ensure that alterations to listed buildings are carried out with sensitivity and in an informed manner.  It may be that not all agree with every single piece of advice and some may feel that certain issues are not be adequately covered.  IHBC will be happy to receive feedback.  It is intended that the guidance is a living document under ongoing review and that it will be amended periodically, to ensure that it remains up-to-date and relevant.’

‘I hope that IHBC members and all others who are concerned to ensure that alterations to listed buildings are carried out in an appropriate manner will find this guidance useful and that it lead to greater consistency in decision-making.’

… offering the copy in the form a pdf download…

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘As this is such an extraordinarily ambitious Guidance Note for our members’ Toolbox, we are not yet creating the usual online, web-based copy.  That digitisation is extremely time-consuming, even more so if undertaking small changes, so for now we are offering the copy in the form a pdf download only.’

‘We will await further input before undertaking a web version, so for now all comments and feedback can be sent to contact@ihbc.org.uk.’

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