IHBC’s newest 2021 School (#IHBCBrighton2021) ‘must-see’: Lord Kerslake to welcome delegates – CPP APPG Vice-Chair; past CEO to Sheffield CC & HCA, former lead in Civil Service & DCLG

Lord Kerslake, Vice Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Conservation, Places and People (CPP APPG), will welcome delegates to the IHBC’s 2021 Day School on 18 June.


Lord Kerslake’s previous roles include Executive of the London Borough of Hounslow; Chief Executive of Sheffield City Council (CC) and then of the Homes and Communities Agency, followed by Head of the Home Civil Service,  and   Permanent Secretary at the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

IHBC Chair David McDonald said: We are privileged indeed to have Lord Kerslake introducing the Brighton Day School on 18 June.  His past experience at the highest levels in local and central government, gives him a unique perspective on how legislation and policy should evolve post-pandemic.’’

‘I am also delighted to welcome his contribution to the recently formed All Party Parliamentary Group, Conservation, Places and People (CPP APPG).

The IHBC serves as the CPP APPG’s secretariat.

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