Fancy a freebie at the IHBC’s Virtual School? #IHBCBrighton2021 or can’t attend live?Just ask the best question by 17/06 and get the fee back!

Delegates across the IHBC’s 2021 Brighton School on 17-18 June #IHBCBrighton2021  – especially any who can’t attend a live session– should submit questions, queries or observation in advance (by 17 June) as you can win back the School fee if selected for the ‘’Most valuable session contribution’, so just send your question HERE



…submit a question or query online before 17 June…

IHBC Director Sean O’Reilly is among those helping session chairs prepare for their roles as hosts.  Sean said: ‘All delegates need do is submit a question or query online before 17 June, and if the Chair reckons it’s the ‘Most valuable session contribution’ to the discussions, then the delegate’s School fee is reimbursed.  Or if reimbursement is too complicated, it can be passed on to our CREATIVE Conservation charity fund or another good cause!’

‘Of course it’s all at the session Chair’s discretion, but then delegates can also ask as many questions as they like!’

‘Good luck!’

The IHBC writes:



… [The] form allows 2021 Brighton School delegates to submit session questions and/or observations before 17 June.

There is no limit to the number of submissions, while any submissions should contain no more than one question or observation.

Submissions should be completed as early as possible, and before 17 June 2021 at the latest.

… free place to the delegate….[for the] most valuable contribution…

The lead for each session may award a free place to the delegate whose submission here makes the most valuable contribution to the discussions.

For the award, the selected delegate will have their School fee fully reimbursed, or they may donate it to the IHBC’s CREATIVE Conservation Fund

For queries please email

Data Protection Guidance

Post your query, question or observation HERE

See the full School Programme on the IHBC’s special Brighton 2021 School CPD Circular or linked from the Brighton School website,

See the IHBC’s own  Stall ‘Billboard’

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