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… classic interdisciplinary Conservation Officer-styled roles loom as large…

IHBC Director Sean O’Reilly said: ‘Our recent Jobs etcservice posts capture a familiarly wide spectrum of roles that range across all the skills areas encompassed in the IHBC’s Areas of Competence and the Conservation Cycle.  These areas are best detailed in our MATE application support sessions and guidance, and reflect the integrated model we use to assess interdisciplinary competence in line with international conservation standards and project management models and practices.’

‘Listed posts from the public sector typically show that the classic interdisciplinary Conservation Officer-styled roles loom as large as ever, even with if with a wider breadth of primary disciplines.  These are well represented by ‘Conservation Officer-related’ roles (with and without Design specifications) in Central Bedfordshire; Cotswold and Dorset, while the Listed Property Owners’ Club’s search for a Conservation Advisor highlights their membership’s focus on managing change in listed fabric.’

‘In Wales, Carmarthenshire’s call for a Built Heritage Officer reflects similar priorities – as well as the re-affirmed statutory focus on listing there – as does the lead post at Historic Environment Scotland: Deputy Head of Planning Consents and Advice (Historic Buildings).’

… posts from the Third Sector…

‘More nuanced variations in the balance of skills are again evident in posts from the Third Sector – including charities, trusts and church bodies.  The range highlights the success the IHBC has had there in highlighting the risk management benefits of using our ‘Jobs etc.’ service. For some time we have been prompting ALL trustees to manage risk as employers by adopting more transparent recruitment and advertising processes – including especially our own targeted and cost-effective service.  So this round it is especially gratifying to see the National Churches Trust call for a Church Support Officer and The Churches Conservation Trust’s call for a Conservation Projects Manager, as well as Heritage Lincolnshire’s call for Project Managers (x 2).’

…highlighting the risk management benefits of using our ‘Jobs etc...

‘A different tack from the same sector is evident in Norfolk Historic Buildings Trust tender for a ‘Conservation Accredited Architect/Surveyor to be Lead Professional’.’

‘Infrastructure investment has been the defining factor for the built historic environment in response to current government’s (and governments’) loose fiscal policy, so ostensibly driven by COVID-19.  This means continuing representation on our employment support service by development-focussed posts such as Lancaster City‘s Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) ‘Project Officer’ post.  Local listing initiatives – typically and sadly – lie a few tiers below the profile of development-led programmes, but at least now, some months later, are coming to the fore.  Both Buckinghamshire’s Local Heritage List Project Officer and Sefton’s Local Heritage List Project Officer register that change, while linked to all that overarching investment too is Historic England’s call for a ‘Grants and Training Sites Project Manager’.’

… Mainstream disciplines are increasingly familiar…

‘Mainstream disciplines are increasingly familiar features on our Jobs etc. service too, from the ‘Buildings Manager / Clerk of Works’ for the Leconfield Estates, to Dulwich Estate’s call for a Building Surveyor (‘Architects also considered’ it notes too).  Feilden+Mawson’s call for an ‘Architect & Technician’ fits that line too, as does Historic England’s call for a ‘Historic Building Architect/Building Surveyor’, though there with a suitably current ‘Climate Change Adaptation’ remit.

Private sector advisors typically seek more general planning and heritage-focussed skills sets, and these remain a core employer profile seeking our service, for example Montagu Evans’ Senior Historic Environment & Townscape Advisor.  The very welcome focus on Townscape there is perhaps an enlightening reminder for some heritage regulators too.

The seniority of heritage roles with such employers – even when more titular – is also a welcome acknowledgement of the managerial as well as practice skills sought from IHBC members and networks.  Seniority is represented well by Place Services and its call for a ‘Senior Built Heritage Consultant’ and Lanpro’s call for ‘Principal Heritage Consultants’.  Less advanced career levels of staffing are just as important however, as seen in Donald Insall Associates call for an ‘Assistant Researcher / Researcher / Historic Buildings Advisor’, and Purcell’s more familiar role of ‘Heritage Consultant’.

Across all these many posts, the sheer variety across skills sets and disciplines is perhaps best captured best in a comparison of Warrington’s call for and ‘Urban Design and Heritage Officer’ and The Weald & Downland Museum’s ongoing notice on an ‘MSc Programme Leader & Head of Learning’.

In summary, recent posts include those below (all with different application dates, some closed and with external links inactive):

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