IHBC@COP26 ‘Climate and Conservation’ Podcasts, every COP weekday via our ‘Conservation Helpdesk+’, starting with Carl Elefante (1/11)…

IHBC@COP26 ‘Climate and Conservation’ Podcast interviews feature expert leads and practitioners from the US and Europe, all offering diverse takes on climate and conservation.

Podcast broadcasts take place usually (not always!) at 6PM local time, but they are available before the day on our Podcast page.  Informal, short discussions on IHBC-related matters arising from the interviews will take place afterwards (usually about c.6.30PM), chaired by IHBC Chair David McDonald.

NB: Numbers are limited, and access is based on a strict ‘first come’ rule.

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Release 1 November 2021: Episode 1: Carl Elefante
Carl Elefante is Principal Emeritus at Quinn Evans Architects

Carl Elefante discusses why we need to start valuing all our existing buildings, the maths around reduced carbon emissions from retrofitting, and how heritage organisations hold the key to helping people around the world come together to meet the challenge of climate change.

Release 2 November 2021: Episode 2: Joanna Saady
Joanna Saady is a Chartered Architect and Full Member of the IHBC

Joanna Saady discusses designing retrofits, digging into the details of insulation, thermal mass, and natural materials, and why understanding the building and applying appropriate measures is so important.

Release 3 November 2021: Episode 3: Stephanie Phillips
Stephanie Phillips is a Senior Specialist with the City of San Antonio Office of Historic Preservation

Stephanie Phillips discusses all things deconstruction, including why it’s an optimal alternative to destruction, how it helps empower communities and the circular economy, and how we can look to the past to rediscover deconstruction skills.

Release 4 November 2021: Episode 4: Nigel Griffiths
Nigel Griffiths was the Director of the STBA ( 2013 to 2021) and continues to work on some STBA projects and provides policy advice.

Nigel Griffiths discusses recent heritage and climate policy and why EPC’s need a fundamental rethink, how practitioners and homeowners alike can understand their buildings and ensure planned improvements don’t go wrong, and how a broader policy aim of regenerating places is the right path to sustainability, health, and wellbeing.

Release 5 November 2021: Episode 5: John Edwards
John Edwards is an all-round Chartered construction and property professional and Chartered Environmentalist

John Edwards discusses why taking a risk-based approach to improving building elements, understanding traditional buildings and how they perform, and implementing a sophisticated quality regime are all crucial to getting retrofit right. John is a trustee of the IHBC.

Release 8 November 2021: Episode 6: Adala Leeson & Douglas Phillips
Adala Leeson is Head of Socio-economic analysis and Evaluation at Historic England
Douglas Phillips is Senior Environmental Analyst at Historic England

Adala Leeson and Douglas Phillips discuss why understanding heritage values and carbon in the built environment is critical in transitioning to a lower-carbon economy, how to go about expressing these complex concepts to the public, and how the heritage sector must cooperate and collaborate with others to achieve success.

Release 9 November 2021: Episode 7: Lori Ferris
Lori Ferris is the Director of Sustainability and Climate Action at Goody Clancy

Lori Ferris discusses how to encourage carbon reduction strategies through design, how climate action planning can incentivise building reuse, and a new tool owners can use to see the carbon implications of prospective development plans.

Release 10 November 2021: Episode 8: Alan Forster
Alan Forster is Associate Professor within the Royal Academy of Engineering Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Urban Design, Heriot-Watt University

Dr Alan Forster discusses his wide-ranging research on conservation and sustainability, why maintenance and repair should be prioritised, and what higher education is contributing to our understanding of carbon in the historic built environment.

Release 11 November 2021: Episode 9: Dave Chetwyn
Dave Chetwyn is Managing Director/Partner of Urban Vision Enterprise CIC and a Director/Partner of D2H Land Planning Development

Dave Chetwyn discusses how good planning and urban design practice and policy, with lessons learned from historic places and considering the natural environment and local context, increase places’ sustainability and economic opportunity. Dave is a trustee of the IHBC.

Release 12 November 2021: Episode 10: Crispin Edwards & Roy Lewis
Crispin Edwards is a listing adviser with Historic England
Roy Lewis is a chartered town planner

Crispin Edwards and Roy Lewis discuss why conservation of the historic environment is inherently sustainable, the role of the conservation professional in achieving successful outcomes through a balanced approach, and how we might ensure those working on traditional and historic buildings have requisite skills and competencies.  Both are trustees of the IHBC.

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