Church Buildings Council seeks new Council members for 2022-27: Closing 27/03

The Cathedral and Church Buildings Division of the Church of England would like to hear from people with the time and skills to serve on the Church Buildings Council or one of its voluntary expert committees, with 4 vacancies available and a closing date of 27 March.

… Applications from the PGM (People of Global Majority) population are especially sought…

The Cathedral and Church Buildings Division writes:

A new membership will be appointed to the Church Buildings Council to serve from 1 June 2022 to serve until 31 May 2027.

The Church Buildings Council of the Church of England has up to 4 vacancies for new Council members to serve for the new term.

  • One will be made on the nomination of the Archbishops’ Council Appointments Committee
  • Three will be appointed by the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture Media and Sport (DCMS)

The Council is a national body, advising all levels of the Church of England on the care, development and use of church buildings. As a national body it keen for its membership to reflect the diversity of England, particularly in relation to gender, ethnic and geographic location. Applications from the PGM (People of Global Majority) population are especially sought to broaden the experience and perspective of the Council.

In February 2020 the General Synod gave the Church the challenge of achieving net zero carbon by 2030. The Council has a key role in advising churches as they work to achieve this and experience of working with historic buildings to reduce carbon emissions plays a key part of the Council’s work.

The description below sets these vacancies in their full context. To complement the skills of existing members, applications are encouraged from architects and surveyors, and people with a strong policy background in environmental or financial sustainability related to the use and development of historic buildings.

The three Council members to be appointed by the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport will serve also on the Statutory Advisory Committee (SAC). The SAC has a membership of eight Council Members. It advises the Church Commissioners’ Pastoral and Closed Churches Team on churches that are being considered for closure, and on proposals for the reuse, vesting or demolition of closed churches.

Members are expected to be sympathetic to the purposes and aims of Church of England but can be from any religion or none….

Role of the Council
8. The list below provides detail on the role of the Church Buildings Council:

a) To formulate policy in relation to the strategic use and future of church buildings.

b) To influence national policy as it relates to matters affecting church buildings and funding available to them.

c) To consider consultation by and requests for advice from judges and registrars of the ecclesiastical courts and from Diocesan Advisory Committees in relation to applications or possible applications for the grant of a faculty. This forms a part of each Council meeting.

d) To promote the care and conservation of churches and the greater knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of and artistic activity relating to churches both within the Church of England and more widely.

e) To promote standards of good practice in relation to the use, care, conservation, repair, planning, design and development of churches.

f) To support the work of Diocesan Advisory Committees.

g) To assist with discussions over the future of church buildings that may no longer be required for regular worship.

h) To advise on proposals for legislation that may affect church buildings.

i) To create an environment where funders are confident to support church buildings in the long-term.

Council membership is not remunerated although reasonable out of pocket expenses are paid.

Wider context
The secretariat for the Church Buildings Council is provided by the Cathedral and Church Buildings Division, whose Director, Becky Clark, is also Secretary of the Church Buildings Council. The Division has a staff of 14 and also services the Cathedrals Fabric Commission for England.

The Dioceses, Pastoral and Mission Measure 2007 sets out the role of The Church Buildings Council in Part VII (Appendix 1: Schedule 4 – The Church Buildings Council….

Appointment process
Candidates whose applications are taken forward will be invited for interview on 5 or 7 April 2022.

View and download the PDF

See further information about the Church Buildings Council

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