2022 Yearbook out: Lottery CE on why #IHBCAberdeen2022 is critical + Conservation APPG Chair on heritage as the solution

Some 5000 copies of the IHBC’s 2022 Yearbook are headlining our #IHBCAberdeen2022 School and resources to members and networks, as Heritage Lottery CE explains ‘why the IHBC focus this year is so important’, and IHBC-supported All Party Parliament Group (APPG) Chair says heritage is the solution, all in our #IHBC25 anniversary year too!




…need to build creative, multi-disciplinary partnerships and new skills ….That is why the IHBC focus this year is so important…

Eilish McGuiness, Chief Executive of the National Lottery Heritage Fund writes in the introduction to the IHBC’s 2022 Yearbook:

‘In the past two years the Yearbook rightly covered our collective response to the crisis wrought by the pandemic, including the positive partnership working across the sector. At the Heritage Fund we delivered our £50 million Heritage Emergency Fund across the UK…  We drew on our sector’s collective expertise, including IHBC, to work with governments to invest and protect heritage and support communities.

We should not underestimate the scale of the challenges or the pace of change required. We will need to build creative, multi-disciplinary partnerships and new skills to deliver for the UK’s heritage. That is why the IHBC focus this year is so important, and I wish members well in considering these important themes.

James Grundy writes:

…we continue work on the APPG’s exciting programme…

Other towns and cities [such as Aberdeen] in regions like my own native north-west have wrestled with similar economic transformations. As we continue work on the APPG’s exciting programme, I greatly look forward to working with you to help ensure the historic environment is seen as part of the solution to these profound challenges.

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘Our regular Yearbook bounty makes this issue the key heritage reference for 2022.  It encompasses all our own work as well as dedicated features and resources from HESPR and Recognised Courses listings to IHBC Branches and accreditation!’.

‘To top off the issue’s features, we also have a spectacular ‘on the edge’ essay exploring ‘Lessons from Beirut’ by past IHBC School keynote, the eminent Zaki Aslan.’

Jonathan Taylor of publishers Cathedral Communication said: ‘The IHBC Yearbook goes out to 5,000 people each year.  We make sure that every local authority planning department in the UK and all local historic environment records receive at least one copy, whether or not they employ an IHBC member.’

Yearbook contents include:

#IHBCAberdeen2022 School linked features:

  • Foreword Eilish McGuiness
  • ‘On the edge’ James Grundy, CPP APPG Chair
  • Climate change and the historic environment: crunch time John Preston
  • Lessons from Beirut Zaki Aslan
  • Napoleonic forts Jonathan Taylor and Jessica Tooze
  • Intelligent maintenance Alan Forster, Frederic Bosche and Enrique Valero

Regular features and occasional resources from the IHBC include:

  • Welcome Mike Brown
  • Chair’s review David McDonald
  • Director’s update Seán O’Reilly
  • HESPR companies
  • IHBC promotions and publications
  • Directory of members
  • IHBC at COP26 Michael Netter
  • IHBC-recognised courses
  • National organisations
  • Local authority contacts
  • Products and services
  • Specialist suppliers index

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