IHBC History Signpost: Those were the days… Building editors look back at how construction has changed

As we come to the end of our 180th year, our current editor invited four of her predecessors to pick out the memorable stories they covered spanning over 30 years of Building’s history.

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Building writes:

For this last edition of the magazine in the year of its 180th anniversary, I invited four previous editors to look back collectively at their work on the title over a period spanning four decades, from the 1980s up to very recent history. A remarkable amount has changed in that time, for construction as well as for publishing.

In a podcast episode out this month, our former Building editors – Peter Bill, Adrian Barrick, Denise Chevin and Sarah Richardson – have shared their personal memories of the biggest projects of their day, the larger-than-life characters as well as the scandals and sagas that became front-page stories for our readers….

…. The place we find ourselves now on that journey feels very different indeed.

Construction always has its ups and downs, being – as we are all too well aware – so dependent on economic cycles. Still, when you hear Adrian talk about his era under the Tony Blair government you realise what a high point that was for the industry.

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