IHBC’s CPD Forms update: Now on Excel, with enhanced functions & graphics to guide you on IHBC’s holistic conservation competences

After piloting new forms for registering CPD (Continuing Professional Development) learning over the past year, the IHBC is delighted to announce the full version of the new Excel based CPD form is now available for download from the IHBC’s CPD webpage, alongside the existing Word and PDF formats.

… this new spreadsheet makes it easier to complete the IHBC CPD form…

Download your CPD form in MS Excel

IHBC Professional Services Officer Michael Netter said: ‘Members often track their CPD in their own spreadsheets or download CPD from other professional organisations into a spreadsheet.  Translating this information onto forms in Word can be cumbersome and slow, so this new spreadsheet makes it easier to complete the IHBC CPD form.’

‘It also generates tables and charts that update members on their progress by breaking down their data into competences, levels of activity, and type of activity, helping inform their forward looking development plan.’

‘Another benefit is that it enables the IHBC to quickly collate this data at an organisational level which helps us understand the CPD our members are carrying out and the areas in which more support is needed.’

‘We’d strongly encourage all members who are happy with Excel to become familiar with this new form for CPD submission, and if you have any queries or comments let me know at services@ihbc.org.uk.’

See the IHBC CPD page

Download the CPD form* (in MS Excel)

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