IHBC’s new CPD Circular now out: Easy access to training, awards & more – with spotlights from IHBC’s Branch events to networks, including THA’s call for trustees

IHBC’s February CPD Circular has been issued, listing cost-effective training and upskilling opportunities to help guide on all IHBC and wider Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities, learning and awards and more, including in this round The Heritage Alliance’s call for ‘a Chair and up to four Trustees’.

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IHBC CPD Circular: Headlines:

The IHBC writes:

In this issue we are pleased to highlight two upcoming regional branch events. The first, hosted by the North Branch, will be an in-person event on 15 February exploring the topic of Regenerating the Ouseburn Valley. The second, a Cob and Earth day, is organised by the South West Branch and takes place on the 21st March.

In addition, there are several upcoming in-person events hosted at The Engine Shed, in Stirling, which will explore the traditional use of various materials in Scotland, including stone, lime, and ironwork. The next event will be the Stone in Scotland: Past, Present and Future on 6th February.

IHBC National & Branch Events

Date Provider & Description Location
15 Feb IHBC North Branch – Regenerating the Ouseburn Valley Newcastle Upon Tyne
20 Feb IHBC National Office – Membership Application Training Event (MATE)   London
13 March National Office Supporter Surgery   Virtual
21 March IHBC South West Branch – Cob and Earth Day   Exeter/Hybrid


THA: Join our Board of Trustees… See Further information and APPLY

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