IHBC Signpost: Five steps for SMEs bidding for net-zero frameworks

As part of Britain’s net-zero strategy, frameworks will deliver much of the country’s massive retrofit programme, and Jennifer Castle, chief operating officer at LHC Procurement Group, explains the process to Construction Management.

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Construction Management writes:

With the cost of Britain’s 2050 net-zero journey estimated to be somewhere north of £1trn, opportunities abound for Britain’s built environment professionals and contractors. Much of this work will be tendered through frameworks…

  1. Who is eligible to be considered for a framework?

….Can a sole trader apply? In theory, yes, as long as they can satisfy the criteria…

  1. How do I apply and what documents and accreditation do I need?

Opportunities are advertised… nationwide to conform with both national and regional (Wales and Scotland) regulations…

  1. You’re on a framework – what happens next?

‘Calling off’ is the term for when a client, usually an authority of some sort, has decided to use the framework to get their job delivered….

  1. What’s the timescale and how do I get paid?

Our frameworks typically run for four years, but may last longer…

  1. What does LHCPG’s net-zero framework involve?

LHCPG’s Retrofit and Decarbonisation (N9) framework is designed to support local authorities, housing associations, schools, and other public sector organisations in delivering a range of energy efficiency and decarbonisation works…

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