Changes to various permitted development rights in England: to 09/04

This consultation on changes to permitted development rights in England seeks views on changes to several existing permitted development rights that allow for householder development, building upwards to create new homes, the demolition of certain buildings and rebuild as homes, electric vehicle charge points and air source heat pumps, closing 09/04.

GOV.UK writes: [summarised]

This consultation contains a number of proposed changes to permitted development rights.

  • To provide householders with further flexibility to meet the needs of growing families and maximise the potential of existing homes, we are consulting on a number of changes to these rights. The consultation proposes changes which will enable householders to build larger extensions and provide further freedoms to construct outbuildings.
  • To support the delivery of new homes, we are seeking views on whether the existing building upward rights can be amended to increase the scope of buildings that can benefit from the rights. We are consulting on changes to the demolition and rebuild right to increase the scope of buildings that can benefit from the right and allow for a larger rebuild footprint.
  • To provide further flexibility to households and businesses wishing to install electric vehicle charging outlets, we are consulting on a number of changes to the relevant rights. We are seeking feedback on whether permitted development rights should allow for units necessary for the operation of electric vehicle charge points such as equipment housing or storage cabinets. We are also seeking feedback on amendments to the permitted development right for air source heat pumps, including consulting on removing the limitation that they must be at least 1 metre from the boundary of the property.

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