IHBC’s AI in ‘Practice’ Signpost No 2: AI for AI

OpenAI has launched its new GPT Store providing users with access to custom AI assistants.

Joanna Theobald, IHBC’s Brand Manager and tech liaison said: ‘AI – is it a tool or a threat? Whichever view you take on this it looks like it’s here to stay so we need to make it work for us.’

‘Since the announcement of custom ‘GPTs’ two months ago, OpenAI says users have already created over three million custom assistants. Builders can now share their creations in the dedicated store.’

The store features assistants focused on a wide range of topics including art, research, programming, education, lifestyle, and more. OpenAI is highlighting assistants it deems most useful, including:

  • Personal trail recommendations from AllTrails
  • Searching academic papers with Consensus
  • Expanding coding skills via Khan Academy’s Code Tutor
  • Designing presentations with Canva, book recommendations from Books
  • Maths help from CK-12 Flexi

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