IHBC 2020 AGM Brighton 19 June: Trustee nominations open till 20 April

IHBC logoAt each Annual General Meeting (AGM) the IHBC elects, re-elects or appoints trustees and officers who are nominated and voted in by Full Members of the institute, and as nominations to the next AGM – at our 2020 School in the Brighton Metropole Hotel on 19 June – close on 20 April, all members are asked please engage with this key moment in the IHBC’s year, as voter, officer or supporter according to role, interests and capacity.

Currently IHBC Chair David McDonald and Vice Chair Lone Le Vay plan to continue into the second year of their standard 3 year terms, while Membership Secretary David Kincaid is to depart his  role in June.  With a knowledge of membership assessment invaluable in this role, we are delighted that Andrew Shepherd – currently Education Secretary – has volunteered to succeed David, while Chris Wood – soon to retire from his role as head of the building conservation and research team at Historic England – has put forward his name for Education Secretary.  Any appointments are, as ever, subject to AGM approval.

All current post holders are happy to discuss their roles with anyone who might like to explore these roles in more detail, or you can contact IHBC Secretary Jo Evans or any National Office staff.

Trustees’ job descriptions and specifications are available on the ‘IHBC Trustees’ tab on the Corporate Papers webpage.  The IHBC website also carries information about our current structure and committee arrangements.

David McDonald describes the process in our regular new Membership Matters digital circular:

The IHBC is a charitable trust with a Board of Trustees – called the Council – responsible for its management.  It comprises the nationally elected officers, including officers that chair our national committees, and the members nominated by the Branches. Any full member wishing to become a trustee needs to be well acquainted with the Institute’s policies and ways of working. This can be achieved by any, or all, of the ways mentioned below, and by reference to our Yearbook and our website links from www.ihbc.org.uk.

As we all know, the strength of the IHBC lies in the willingness of its members to contribute to its activities. The Institute is always pleased to hear from members willing to contribute their skills, time and experience, either at local or national level.

It is easy to become informed about the IHBC and involved in its processes through our NewsBlogs, Membership Eletter and our in-house publications, Context and our Yearbook all of which offer opportunities for comment and feedback.

A starting point for active involvement for IHBC members of all classes of membership may be at national and regional Branch levels, where we offer programmes of meetings and CPD that many will wish to attend, participate in and advise. There are opportunities, also, to contribute to the governance of our Branches. Details may be obtained from Branch contacts and secretaries listed

Our Annual School gives members the opportunity to meet members from other regions as well as the Institute’s national officers, who use this event to help keep in contact with the wider membership.

Those with particular expertise or interest in aspects of conservation or development of policy might like to consider joining one of the national panels or committees. Participation in a committee or panel can lead to further responsibility in that area or in the general governance of the Institute.

The IHBC has reviewed its corporate structure and introduced a mechanism to extend interest in and engagement with the governance of the Institute.  Operating under the title ‘IHBC+’, this establishes a process of ‘experimental evolution’ in our governance, as our Past President Trefor Thorpe titled the process.  It includes an expanded half-yearly meeting called ‘Council+’ which widens access and representation. Participation in Council+ is one way of tasting the responsibilities of the Institute’s Body of Trustees, our constitutional Council.

In line with our current Corporate Plan, our planned new constitution will embed the lessons learned from this and other aspects of the IHBC+ programme.  That evolution will take its next substantial step at the 2020 AGM when, following further extensive consultation, we hope to implement our new constitution.’

Details of the legal duties and obligations of trustees and the various roles of the Institute’s officers may be obtained from the IHBC Secretary, Jo Evans, at ihbcsecretary@ihbc.org.uk.

For IHBC trustees’ job descriptions and specifications see the tab on the Corporate Papers webpage

To contact David regarding the post of Chair, email: chair@ihbc.org.uk

To contact Lone regarding the post of Vice Chair, email: vicechair@ihbc.org.uk

To contact David Kincaid regarding the post of Membership Secretary, email: membership@ihbc.org.uk

For all nomination forms please contact Lydia at admin@ihbc.org.uk

For all on the IHBC see links from ihbc.org.uk

For more background on this notice see the IHBC NewsBlog

More on the consultation on draft new constitution

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