New APPG promotes museums interests across the UK

The purpose of the new All-Party Parliamentary Group for Museums (APPG) chaired by Chris Skidmore, Conservative MP for Kingswood is to highlight and promote the interests of museums across the UK.

… duty to preserve our inherited body of the past…

The National Museum Directors Council (nmdc) writes:

The APPG focuses on understanding and promoting the importance and value of museums including:

  • The duty to preserve our inherited body of the past and heritages of all forms held in our museum collections
  • The role of museums in informing, educating and inspiring current and future generations
  • The role of museums as anchor institutions and cultural hubs within their local communities
  • The role of museums in tourism, highlighting our world leading cultural heritage and contributing to the UK’s soft power and international standing
  • Ensuring that every part of the UK can benefit from museums – how they can enhance and support levelling-up across the country
  • Ensuring museums are utilising and benefiting from enhancements in digital technology

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