IHBC’s New Year’s Treat No. 2: Our first 2 NewsBlogs, from 2007 – but do you have the accompanying email alerts?

The IHBC’s first two NewsBlog posts from 2007 may not be as historically important as our first issue of Context in February 1983, but they do represent the start of another conservation-specific IHBC membership service – green, pandemic compliant, and designed to suit interdisciplinary skills needs and practice interests – but do you have the NewsBlog email alert?

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘The IHBC’s first NewsBlogs started coming out in 2007.  Interestingly, the content of the first two posts represented well the broad spectrum of members interdisciplinary practice, ranging across the IHBC’s Competences from historic buildings to design.’

… IHBC’s NewsBlog service … links to our support for … CPD…

‘The breadth of content continues to distinguish the IHBC’s NewsBlog service, confirming its structural links to our support for conservation-specific, interdisciplinary Continuing Professional Development (CPD).  For example the service prioritises easy access to relevant news with emailed alerts that include key content and messages in the headlines and summaries, and simple links to the full posts held in the archives.’

…key content and messages in the headlines and summaries…[with]…nearly 30 posts each week…

‘The format of NewsBlog email alerts means that our busy users and members can rapidly scan the vast range of service content – nearly 30 posts each week – for those nuggets most relevant to their areas of practice and their own professional development plans.’

Sadly, due to the hiccups not uncommon at the inception of experimental services, we don’t have a record of any email alerts sent to notify members of their posting.’

‘So do please let us know if you have copies of those first emailed news alerts, so we can add then to our archive.’

‘If you think you want to hear more on any, let us know by emailing newsblog@ihbc.org.uk.’

… let us know if you have copies of those first emailed news alerts…

The first two archived NewsBlogs:

Posted on 05/10/2007 by IHBC NewsBlog

‘There aren’t enough of us out there’ and ‘we can’t find people with the right combination of specialist knowledge and practical skills’ are fairly typical comments emanating from the group of professionals engaged in the analysis and recording of historic … Continue reading ?

Posted on 08/10/2007 by IHBC NewsBlog

Today CABE Space is launching a new design skills scholarships programme. We’d like to ask you to help us spread the word about this unique opportunity. CABE Space believes that good design should be at the heart of our public … Continue reading ?

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