New online tool identifies £8.5bn worth of future construction projects across Scotland

An innovative online tool has been launched to provide the construction industry with greater clarity and understanding of future public sector construction projects to be delivered across Scotland.

… Tool has details of over 1,150 future public sector infrastructure projects…

Scottish Construction Now writes:

The Construction Pipeline Forecast Tool has been developed by infrastructure body the Scottish Futures Trust (SFT) in partnership with the public sector together with representatives from the construction industry in response to actions coming from the Construction Industry Recovery Plan published in October 2020 by the Scottish Construction Leadership Forum.

With a current value of just under £8.5 billion, the Construction Pipeline Forecast Tool has details of over 1,150 future public sector infrastructure projects and covers many sectors including education, health, housing and flood prevention. Of the 1,150 project opportunities, approximately 60% are below £2m in value, emphasising the focus on providing opportunities to small and medium sized enterprises. This will continue to grow as additional contracting authorities join the system going forward and updated every six months.

By providing greater transparency on future workload, the pipeline will help businesses plan better and maintain their investment in skills and future training needs….

Stuart Parker, member of the Construction Scotland Industry Leadership Group and chair of its Procurement sub-group, added: “The Construction Pipeline Forecast tool is a really exciting development for the industry, bringing together details of the upcoming opportunities in the sector in one user-friendly format.

“It will really help the industry to understand the direction of travel in social infrastructure….”

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